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Everything You Need To Know About Carbon Footprints

It’s highly likely that you’ve heard the phrase ‘carbon footprint’ – two words which have come to denote our individual contributions to climate change. Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are released as a result of your actions as an individual, such as the way you travel, the food you consume, and …

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The Sustainable Way to Use Water At Home

There are two distinct areas to think about when looking to create an environmentally friendly household water system. Perhaps the most obvious is how you heat your water for domestic use, but how you acquire, use and dispose of it also has a real environmental impact. On average, a person in England currently uses around …

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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living

Before we delve into the changes necessary for an eco-friendlier lifestyle, we need to define what exactly is meant by ‘sustainable living’. How do you define a sustainable practice from a non-sustainable practice? A quick Google search will offer up Wikipedia’s definition of sustainable living: ‘Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce and …

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In 2019, as part of the UK’s climate goals, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that from 2025, any new build properties will not include gas or oil boilers. This leads to the question of what is the most environmentally-friendly heating system that can be installed in your home? In this article we will run …

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