January Eco Challenge: Eat more Veggie or Vegan

January Eco Friendly Challenge to Eat More Veggie or Vegan
Today, most people don’t consider a meal a ‘proper meal’ without meat on the plate.
Animal agriculture is responsible for 1318% of human-caused global greenhouse gases. Not to mention the space taken up by animal farming which could be used to plant trees.
On top of this, the unsustainable way we fish reduces biodiversity in the oceans. This halts the efficiency of nature’s greatest carbon sink.
Thus, by cutting back our intake of meat, fish and dairy we can help to reduce these emissions.
Given many people will be attempting Veganuary this month, we are challenging you to eat a more plant-based diet this January.
This can range from eating vegetarian 3 days a week, going full vegetarian for the month or even full vegan!
It may seem impossible at first but with a little planning and exploring new recipes you’ll find it easy!
Some of our top recommendations for finding vegetarian meals are BBC Good Food where you can easily filter to find hundreds of veggie meals for any occasion.
MOB Kitchen also have veggie recipes on their website as well as their instagram!
Let us know how you get on via our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!

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