June Eco Challenge: Say No to Fast Fashion

Say no to fast fashion this June to reduce your carbon footprint.

The fashion industry was responsible for at least 4% of global greenhouse-gas emissions in 2018 – more than the carbon output of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined.

Moreover, research shows that without drastic action the industry will fail to meet the Paris Agreement’s target for 2030.

Currently, only 60% of garments are sold at full price due to intense overproduction. As consumers, we can try and help reduce the fashion industry’s emissions by not purchasing fast fashion.

Whilst we understand that many people rely on fast fashion for clothes due to lower income, many people buy into fast fashion to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Our society’s habit of over-consuming cheap clothes is ubiquitous on social media and encouraged by influencers’ fast fashion hauls.

This month we’re challenging you to reject this narrative.

Normalise wearing the clothes you already have and repeating outfits, as the most sustainable option is always the product you already own.

If you are in need of new clothes, try visiting a charity shop or Depop! Buying second-hand is a great way to give clothes a second home and you can get amazing finds at a fraction of the original price.

If you find yourself in need of something you can’t purchase second-hand this month, try to purchase from sustainable clothing brands.

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