Eco Friendly Coffee Maker Recommendation

What to Look for

When it comes to coffee makers, most people assume that non-electrical ones will always be the more sustainable option for the obvious reason that they don’t require any energy to power them.

However, recent research has shown that when considering the whole lifecycle from growing the beans to your morning cup, pod machines rank the second most environmentally friendly after instant, with filter or drip coffee coming third and espresso machines last.

The research can be conflicting which is why we recommend opting for whatever coffee-maker suits you best, but purchasing it from a company who are doing good by the environment and everyone in their supply chain.

These companies will be sourcing from sustainable farms, paying the workers fair pay and trying to reduce their waste – both company and consumer waste.

If you do opt for a pod machine, it’s ideal to use compostable pods and correctly compost them rather than letting them go to landfill where they will release methane.

We strongly recommend you get your electricity through sustainable sources or opt for a renewables-only tariff which will massively reduce both a coffee machine and kettle’s environmental impact.

Also consider reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase by buying second-hand. Apps such as Depop, Shpock and Ebay are easy ways to search for second-hand items. Sellers have ratings to reassure you that you can trust what you are buying.

Eco friendly coffee checklist

Our Recommendations

When it comes to coffee makers, whether it be cafetiêre, stove top or machine, a lot of it is personal choice which is why below we have recommended some of our favourite coffee brands selling a range of equipment for you to choose from.

Whether you decide to invest in an electric or manual machine, the companies below are all forces for good who you can feel more confident giving your money to.

Kiss the Hippo

The brand: a coffee-subscription service and London café that cares for the planet.

These guys use direct trade sourcing, paying at least 50% above the Fairtrade price for their coffee.

Their eco-friendly roaster uses 80% less fuel than a traditional drum roaster and they transform old coffee grounds from their cafes into biofuel.

It doesn’t stop there, they work with Karma to ensure no food is from their cafes is wasted and all their straws, cups, lids, takeaway boxes and cutlery are 100% compostable.

Moreover, they give back in multiple ways including giving old coffee sacks to be used as toys at London Zoo and they gave all their proceeds from the day of their first anniversary to the Rainforest Trust UK.

The product: they sell just about every bit of coffee equipment you could ask for from expresso machines to hand grinders to pour-over mugs.

Our personal favourite are the Hario Cold Brew Bottles and the Wilfa Classic+ Brewer whose 10-cup capacity and hotplate makes it perfect for big households or serving guests. Don’t forget to pick up their cute KeepCup for your coffess on-the-go.


The brand: originally a London coffee shop, the company now specialise in compostable coffee pods.

GRIND’s coffee is sourced at better-than-Fairtrade prices and they work with sustainable farms often owned and run by a single family. All of their coffees are free from pesticides or artificial additives and are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Moreover, all of their packaging is recyclable or compostable.

The product: our favourite from these guys is their own Nespresso Pod Machine which is built to last and has an automatic power-saving mode to reduce electricity consumption.

Coaltown Coffee Roasters

The brand: another coffee-subscription service and certified B corporation.

These guys really have thought of everything when it comes to the planet:

  • Their roastery runs on 100% renewable energy
  • They provide education for wholesale clients on planet friendly procedures,
  • Their uniforms are fromenvironmentally-friendly company Rapanui,
  • Their coffee cups are compostable, made by fellow B corp Decent Packaging
  • They ethically source their coffee and pay above the real living wage.

The product: one of our favourite products the Coaltown Coffee Roasters stock is the Opal One Capsule Machine. With a sleek design and unique brewing chamber it will look perfect in any kitchen and deliver a delicious morning coffee. They also stock the innovative Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine for coffees on-the-go.

We try our best to research and find the best environmentally-friendly companies to recommend here. However, if you have any suggestions that we might not know of, or disagree with any of our recommendations, please get in contact: .We always want to learn more about the companies with the potential to save our future.

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