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When it comes to green tariffs, not all are as green as they may seem. To read about how green tariffs work head to this article.

Essentially, when comparing energy providers, you need to find out the providers fuel mix in order to understand how green the company is.

It is required by law that all companies supply this and update it once a year.

We recommend choosing companies generating the highest percentages from renewable sources and then looking to see which take it one step further, such as building renewable capacity, donating to green community projects, or supporting carbon offsetting initiatives.

Checklist for green energy tariffs

Our Recommendations

Most people will be looking for the greenest energy at the cheapest price. All the below suppliers are, we believe, the greenest in the game. So compare the available tariffs of each to find one that suits you. It may also depend on whether you are looking for a gas & electricity supplier or electricity-only supplier.

Green Energy UK

The Brand: Green Energy UK have been offering green electricity for 20 years and now also provide 100% green gas. They are the only company in the UK to do this as some other providers choose to offset their gas instead. Their green gas is created through Anaerobic Digestion of human and animal waste. The residue that is left behind is used by farmers as fertiliser and the CO2 that is removed from the green gas is bottled and sold to a local brewery!

Their electricity mix is made up of Solar, Wind, Biomass and Hydro.

The Product: the company offer three main tariffs: a ‘Sparkling 2023’ with fixed fees until March 31st 2023; the TIDE tariff, which comes with a ‘Next Generation’ Smart Meter and is ideal for those with electric cars or those who generate electricity at home; the EKO tariff, which is independently certified as sustainable as power is generated in locations that protect wildlife and safeguard migrating birds and fish. These three tariffs are inclusive of gas and electricity, but they offer the same for electricity only.

All tariffs have no exit fees. Even more, if you do generate your own electricity, you can sell it back to Green Energy UK.


The Brand: an interesting new concept, Ripple customers actually invest in part of the Co-op wind farm. Your energy supplier would be Co-op Energy which is powered by Octopus who received USwitch’s supplier of the year.

All of Octopus’s electricity comes from 100% renewable sources and whilst they don’t supply green gas you can choose a tariff which is 100% carbon offset.

The company are expecting the wind farm to be operational in Autumn 2021.

The Product: you can choose to invest as little as £25 in the wind farm, or as much as it will cost to cover up to 120% of energy your household uses. You can calculate how much they estimate it to be through their online calculator.

By joining the scheme, you will be a shareholder of a windfarm with an estimated lifetime of 25 years.

The energy generated by the windfarm will be sold to Co-op energy at the operating cost only, as opposed to wholesale price. The difference between the operating cost and market cost will be where Co-op make cost savings which will then be passed onto you, the shareholders. Essentially meaning a discounted electricity tariff.

From this, Ripple estimate that you will make your investment back from the discounted tariff within 14 years and that the reduced bills will result in a 25% overall saving on your electricity bills over 25 years, if you have invested enough to cover 100% of your electricity.

Good Energy

The Brand: Good Energy is another company that offer electricity from a 100% renewables fuel mix. Their gas is 10% renewable biogas and the other 90% is offset by supporting projects that improve access to clean, green energy around the world.

The company are involved in growing green energy by owning their own solar and wind farms as well as buying directly from independent renewable generators. They have also created One Point, EV charger points for businesses, powered by 100% renewable electricity.

The Product: the company offer a fixed duration, a flexible duration and an electric vehicle tariff which gives a special unit rate for EV charging. Their tariffs can include electricity and gas. They also offer tariffs under the Smart Export Guarantee for anyone who generates their own power.


The Brand: Ecotricity offer 100% renewable electricity, with a gas offer made up of 5% green gas and the other 95% being carbon offset. The company however recognise that carbon offsetting isn’t ideal and are using it as an interim solution until they can increase the production of sustainable green gas.

They are also the only energy company in the world to be certified as vegan by both the Vegan Society and Viva!.

They are continuing to build new wind and sun parks across the country and researching newer, bigger ways of generating green energy.

The Product: the company offer either gas and electricity, gas only or electricity only tariffs.

Beyond this, they offer a ‘Fully Charged’ tariff which offers a cheaper rate on their green electricity, half-price charging on the Electric Highway and a £40 discount on a Rolec WallPod: EV HomeSmart Charger. The company are currently rolling out smart meters to help consumers take control of their energy.

If you generate your own energy and are already on the Feed-in Tariff with another company you can switch to them and if you missed the Feed-in Tariff scheme they will be launching a Smart Export Guarantee Tariff soon.

Finally, if you have a home storage battery they are soon launching the smart grid scheme. In this scheme you’ll charge your battery from the grid and/or a source such as solar panels during a period of low demand. For periods when demand increases, therefore increasing the price of energy, they will buy back the energy in your battery.

We try our best to research and find the best environmentally-friendly companies to recommend here. However, if you have any suggestions that we might not know of, or disagree with any of our recommendations, please get in contact: .We always want to learn more about the companies with the potential to save our future.

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