What Grants Are Available for EV Chargers?

As you look to install your electric car charger be aware that you will most likely be eligible to receive a grant from the government through the OLEZ scheme.

The OLEZ Scheme

It is important to note that both domestic and business grants are available but only if a certified installer and a certified model are used, both of which are listed on the government site.

In order to qualify charge points must be remotely accessible and be able to react to a signal. This capability allows for usage information to be known to both consumer and provider to optimise supply in a similar way to a smart meter.

Home electric car charger

Below are some key parts of the scheme:

  • A domestic installation (EVHS) can get up to 75% of the cost of installation up to a maximum of £350. The grant will be claimed by your installer, assuming you meet the basic requirements which are assessed via a simple online questionnaire, and deducted from your quotation. The grant is available for one installation only per household.
  • A workplace installation (WCS) allows for companies to install chargers for use by their employees. In this case grants are given in the form of vouchers and can be for multiple charge points (up to 40). Again the grant will cover up to 75% of the cost of installation of a socket to a maximum of £350. Applications for vouchers (180 days validity) are done by the purchasing company on their own behalf and then can be used against installation charges.
  • It is acceptable to buy your own chargepoint, as long as it is on the approved list (very comprehensive) and then to use the grant to defray installer costs, as long as the installer is on the approved list (very comprehensive). In a domestic setting it is likely buying both EV charger point and installation from a single source will allow the most effective use of the grant.

As with all such grants the scheme is updated from time to time (most recently April 2020) and so visiting the OLEZ site before planning your install.

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