About Us

Matthew Hemming (Matt)

CEO and Co-Founder

Cecile Hemming (Ceal)


India Hemming (Indie)

Managing Director

The Inception of GoEco

GoEco started with Matt and Ceal; the father and daughter team determined to promote sustainable lifestyles and pass a healthier world onto future generations. Having spent a long time working in senior positions of the tech industry, environmental conservation wasn’t getting much focus in Matt’s working life. Similarly, having heard little about climate change at school, Ceal didn’t fully understand the issue until her interest was sparked at university. During holidays Ceal and Matt often found themselves in conversation about climate change, as each discovered the real extent of the issue. They often questioned why they had been so ignorant of the matter, and if they were, how many other people were equally naïve to the magnitude of the crisis.

So, they acted. Upon graduating university in June 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Ceal joined forces with her Dad, and GoEco was born. Reducing commitment to his day job, Matt fuelled the company with his time, resources, and experience, whilst Ceal stepped into her first role out of university, creating the website and building Go Eco’s social community. They soon realised that to fight the climate crisis, all generations and communities need to join forces. Whether it be a lifestyle change, financial ability to fuel green finance or petitioning the government into greener policies, every individual has something they can contribute.

A New Year, A New Hemming

The latest Hemming to join the GoEco team, Indie graduated in 2020. Indie had a love of wildlife and animals from childhood, growing up on the ‘The Life of Mammals’ and ‘Blue Planet’, spending weekends volunteering at rehoming centres and even spending a spring lambing. After graduating, Indie began working in medical communications, but as much as she enjoyed the role she felt a nagging misalignment with her passions in life. In September 2021 Indie embarked on an incredible adventure; a 2-month wildlife conservation internship on a game reserve in South Africa. After not only having the time of her life, but also seeing first-hand the dedication and commitment of all kinds of communities to the preservation of the stunning South African wildlife, Indie was wholeheartedly committed to making a difference and on returning she joined the team at GoEco. Indie oversaw the update and relaunch of the GoEco website in January 2022 and continues to drive growth at GoEco via social media content creation and management, article editing and publishing, and the building of strong relationships with our partners.

What Next?

So, how do we put conversations and thoughts into action? We believe the only answer is a holistic approach. On an individual level, we need lifestyle changes embedded into our communities. Whether that be eating plant-based, ditching single-use plastics or cycling more, every change makes a difference. This is where the strength of the collective becomes important; we need to be communicating with as many people as possible, sharing stories, tips, and experiences.

Next, we need to make greener purchases. Whilst many companies seem to be getting away with reckless actions, there are other incredible companies making important changes. On our site we aim to recommend companies that we consider forward-thinking in their environmental stance, so that as consumers you can make informed decisions on your purchases.

And finally, we need top-down action from our government. So far, governmental policy and climate change action has been seriously lacking, and our communities have been walking into climate crisis with little realisation. We need to sign petitions, join protests, and write to our MPs, demanding climate action and ensuring a green future for us, for our children and for our children’s children to come. 

Growth at GoEco

What’s next for Go Eco? A fresh website, ever-increasing content and exciting plans for 2022, we are eager to build our network of companies and collaborators in the green community. We strongly believe the issue is time critical and intend to partner with like-minded organisations to make it easier for our users to understand their impact, and reduce it. 

To this end, we believe it is important that Go Eco remains a “not for profit company”. Please join us on our journey by becoming a part of our community. 

Contact Us

Got a question? A suggestion? Or want a bit more info? We are always eager to hear from you guys so please do pop us an email.

Email address: hello@goeco.co.uk