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Go Eco Founder Ceal

Matthew and Ceal; father and daughter with the shared ambition of helping to save the environment and pass a healthier world onto future generations. Having spent a long time working in senior positions in high tech industries, greening the environment wasn’t getting much focus in Matthew’s working life. Similarly, having heard very little about climate change at school (a problem in itself), Ceal didn’t understand the movement fully until she discovered it herself at university, and the spark was ignited. During university holidays Ceal and Matthew often found themselves in conversation about climate change as they discovered the real extent of the issue. They often questioned why they had been so ignorant of the matter, and if they were, how many other people in our communities also have little idea of the depth of the crisis we have found ourselves in. 

So, they took action. Upon graduating university in June 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Ceal joined forces with her dad and Go Eco was born. Reducing commitment to his usual day job, Matthew fuelled the company with his time, resources and experience, whilst Ceal stepped into her first role out of university, creating the website and building Go Eco’s social community. The inter-generational pair soon realised that in order to fight the climate crisis, all generations and communities need to join forces, as everyone has something they can add, whether it be a lifestyle change, money which can afford more sustainable purchases or petitioning the government into greener policies. The goal, a determination to empower everyone to be a part of the green industrial revolution! 

But how do we put these conversations and thoughts into action? We believe the only answer is a holistic approach. From the bottom-up we need lifestyle changes embedded into our communities. Whether that be eating plant-based, ditching single-use plastics or cycling more, every little change can make a big difference. This is where the strength of community is so important, we need to be communicating with as many people as possible, sharing stories, tips and experiences. Secondly, we need to make greener purchases. Whilst many companies seem to be getting away with reckless actions, there are some incredible companies making important changes. On our site we aim to recommend some that we consider the more forward thinking in their environmental stance, so that you as consumers can make informed decisions on your purchases. Finally, we need top-down action from our government. Up until now policies have not been good enough, our communities have been walking into a serious climate crisis with little realisation it was happening due to lack of serious action from government. We need to sign petitions, join protests and write to MPs concerning the action needed to make our country greener for us, for our children and for our children’s children to come. 

What’s next for Go Eco? Website built and ever-increasing content we are currently focussed on building our user/contributor network. We strongly believe the issue is time critical and intend where possible to partner with like minded companies and organisations to make it easier for our users to understand their impact and reduce it. 

To this end, we believe it is important that Go Eco remains a “not for profit company”. Please join us on our journey by becoming a part of our community. 


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For general enquiries email: hello@goeco.co.uk

For challenge suggestions email: challenges@goeco.co.uk