GoEco Recommends: Greywater Systems for Your Home

Greywater systems help to prevent wastewater from your washing machine and shower for example, going down the drain (please excuse the pun) by re-purposing it around the home. If you want to understand a little more about greywater systems before you read on, this is a good place to start.

When it comes to deciding which greywater system is best for your home, there are a few things to consider. Whether your greywater output will be just for garden irrigation or also your washing machine, and if you want to combine the greywater system with a rainwater system are factors worth thinking about. Greywater systems come with varying levels complexity, from simple diversion from washing machine drainage to your backyard, to higher tech pump filtration systems that will clean and treat greywater before re-use.

Options will also vary depending on whether you are retrofitting an existing system, or incorporating it into a new build, in addition to how much maintenance you are willing to take on in the name of greywater. Below are some greywater system suppliers that we recommend checking out.

Our Top Picks…


Company: Founded by Arthur Valkieser, Hydraloop came from the CEO’s frustration with precious water resources still being used to flush waste in the 21st century. Following installation of a prototype in his own home, Valkieser extensively researched and honed the Hydraloop system to produce widely accessible system ready to go to market in 2017.

The Hydraloop system has gone from strength to strength, now installed in homes across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and winning numerous awards for it’s ingenuity, including Best Featured ISH Innovation by the Digital Bathroom Association in 2021 and Best of the Best, Best Sustainability Product and Best Innovation Award in Sustainability, Eco-Design and Smart Energy by the Consumer Technology Association at CES 2020. The Hydraloop was even named as a contributing solution to the world’s water shortage in the Netflix documentary ‘Brave Blue World’.

Product: The Hydraloop is a neat system that allows you to re-use up to 85% of your total in-house water with it’s all-in-one tank, filter pump and control system. We love this smart self-contained gadget, which can be both retrofitted or incorporated into a new build, and comes in the form of the Hydraloop H300 and Hydraloop H600.

The Hydraloop H300 takes input from waste shower and bath water, with outputs to toilet and washing machine systems. Add ons include outputs to the garden and even pools; with a slightly lower storage volume and cleaning capacity than the Hydraloop H600, it’s ideal for apartments or smaller builds.

The Hydraloop H600 takes input from air conditioning and washing machine units in addition to bath and shower water, and comes with outputs to toilet and washing machine systems as standard, again with optional add ons for outputs to garden and pool. A greater capacity makes the unit ideal for larger family homes and builds.

The quick and clever technology of the Hydraloop does come at a higher price, with models starting at $4389.00 (£3279.00) excluding VAT, preparatory work and installation. But this comes with the benefit of a quick and simple to install and operate system that could help you shave a good deal off your water bill.


Company: Aquaco are a Kent-based company who provide greywater and rainwater recycling systems. As one of the longest-serving water recycling companies in the UK with over 10 years experience, you’re in safe hands with these industry leaders.

Aquaco have partnered with the likes of Amazon, Lendlease and the National Bank of Kuwait to provide high-quality commercial greywater and rainwater recycling systems, but don’t let their big business partnerships fool you; Aquaco excel at providing residential solutions too.

Product: If you’re in the market for a greywater-only recycling system, the Aquaco Home Greywater product ranges from £2,495 below ground or £2,695 above ground. This system collects discharged water from basins, showers and baths for re-use in toilet flushing.

Alternatively, the Aquaco Home Combined unit takes greywater from similar outputs for flushing the toilet and rainwater from rooves for laundry and irrigation. This can range from £4,490 – £7,290, depending on tank size. This is a great option for anyone wanting to maximise efficiency from rainwater and greywater.

Both the greywater system and combined system will require installation. This could be done by a competent DIY-er or you can employ a professional to do the plumbing works.


Company: OMDI is a small family-run business near Pontefract, Yorkshire, with a collective 20 years of experience in off-mains drainage systems. Having worked with companies including the RSPCA, Crown Estates and the NHS, OMDI are recognised for their complete and expert service which provides simpler systems specifically for garden irrigation.

Product: OMDI offer a free consultation to discuss the best bespoke greywater solution for your home. If you are looking for a specifically garden-irrigation based system, OMDI offer an affordable and effective solution to reducing your household water waste.

We do our best to research and find the most environmentally-friendly companies to recommend at GoEco. However, if you have any suggestions that we might not know of, or disagree with any of our recommendations, please get in contact: hello@goeco.co.uk. We always want to learn more about the companies with the potential to save our future!

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