About Us

Matt and Ceal; father and daughter with a shared ambition of helping to save the environment by educating and aiding home owners on the most sustainable way to renovate and rebuild their homes. We cannot currently meet our climate objectives without major changes to the UK housing market. Energy usage in the home accounts for about 15% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. This is why we are keen to try and help our communities make their homes more eco-friendly. However, we also understand that 'going eco' is not always easy nor cost-effective which is why we have three main aims:

  1. To provide a broad range of information from how to make small changes around the house to complete home renovations.

  2. To provide you with a variety of ideas and products with varying prices ranges and honest recommendations to help you go eco in a way that works for you.

  3. To build a community for like-minded individuals to interact with one another - whether that be reviewing products we've recommended or sharing personal tips. 

Contact Us

For general enquiries email: hello@goeco.co.uk

For challenge suggestions email: challenges@goeco.co.uk

For campaign suggestions email: campaigns@goeco.co.uk