BAM Bamboo Sock Pack


Why we love the product

We couldn't make a Christmas gift list and not put socks on it? The reason we love these socks however is because bamboo makes socks which are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. On top of this, they are reinforced at the toe and heel to make them last! 

Why we love the company

BAM was founded 14 years ago with the environment and sustainability at the heart, and it still prevails in the business today. BAM use bamboo to make all their clothing and the reason for this is that bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon than hardwood trees, it needs half the land that cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre and it doesn't require irrigation or pesticides. Determined to show that clothing doesn't have to kill the environment they are aiming to have net zero carbon footprint, zero waste to landfill and zero wasted water by 2030! This applies to every single process from the growing of the bamboo, to the manufacture of their clothes, to the way they are recycled.

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