What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint: Meaning and Explanation

Carbon Footprint. Those two words get thrown around a lot, whether it’s the government talking about the UK’s carbon footprint, an app telling you to measure your carbon footprint or a company advertising their low carbon footprint. The phrase is

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Complexities Navigating Sustainability

The Complexities of Navigating Sustainability

The concept is simple; to make informed choices about the companies we support with our hard-earned cash. We need to be provided with clear, coherent information on the sustainability of the company’s activities to take control of our individual carbon

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The Internet's Carbon Footprint

Understanding the Internet’s Carbon Footprint

The environmental impact of the internet and our online activities often seem innocent due to their perceived intangibility reinforced through abstract terminology like “The Cloud”. Yet, they represent a significant contributor to our individual carbon footprints and global warming as

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UK Government Cut Green Homes Grant

UK Government Cut The Green Homes Grant Early

Last summer Rishi Sunak revealed the Green Homes Grant which meant homeowners could retrofit properties with energy efficient measures including insulation, double-glazing, heat pumps and more, and the government would pay at least two-thirds of the cost. It is said

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The important issue of refrigerant types

Why You Should Care About Refrigerant Types

Refrigerants are commonly used in many things you own. Whilst you are surely aware of those in your fridges and freezers, their use is becoming more widespread. With nearly all cars now containing air conditioning and household’s heat pump/air conditioning

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How does deforestation cause climate change?

How Does Deforestation Cause Climate Change?

It is fairly widely accepted that deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change. We hear it over and over, but what exactly about deforestation accelerates global warming? Well, there are a few reasons. Deforestation’s Direct Causes of

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Coffee's environmental footprint

Coffee’s Environmental Footprint & Worrying Impacts

According to the British Coffee Association, Brits consume around 95 million cups of coffee every day. The delicious morning pick-me-up invades all households across the UK. However, with the ever-increasing market for coffee comes some insidious consequences. If you’re wondering

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Brexit and climate change

What Does Brexit Mean for Climate Change?

On Christmas Eve 2020, Boris Johnson’s Conservative party brokered the “sovereignty first” Brexit deal. This was then passed by the UK government shortly after. The deal has proved disruptive to some international trade (particularly with the EU) in its early

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E-Waste: A Growing Issue with Severe Repercussions

E-waste, also referred to as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), refers to discarded appliances that use electricity. Ranging from fridges, washing machines and vacuum cleaners to keyboards, computers and smartphones. Yet, it represents a growing global issue with far-reaching

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What happens to Climate Change after lockdown?

Covid-19 & Climate Change: What Happens After?

The year 2020 saw substantial changes to ways in which we lead our lives. This has ultimately affected the climate, as well as our relationship with it. Have these changes been positive? And arguably more importantly, will they have an

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UK's climate goals

The UK’s Climate Goals and Initiatives

In June 2019 the UK government agreed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Net zero means that the greenhouse gas emissions produced will be fully offset, predominantly through natural carbon sinks such as forests. This crucial commitment

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Greenwashing explained

Greenwashing Explained and How to Avoid It

What Is ‘Greenwashing?’ Greenwashing is defined by the deceptive use of ‘green’ language from companies, which aims to persuade consumers of their apparently eco-friendly purpose and ultimately help them sell products. The recent recognition of greenwashing has exposed companies who

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The Circular Economy explained

What’s a Circular Economy & What are the Benefits?

Ideas of a circular economy have been discussed for decades by many well-respected individuals, companies, and academics, meaning there are lots of resources for anyone wishing to delve deeper. This article will clarify its relevance to the consumer and provide

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The Problems with Palm Oil

Palm Oil: Why It’s Harmful and How to Avoid It

Palm oil and it’s potential problems has been in the news a lot recently, brought particularly into the public eye through Iceland’s removal of all own label products containing palm oil and their controversial ad which was banned. Palm oil

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