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GoEco Recommends Re-usable Bathroom Products

Waste is an enormous issue, plastic being the most notorious offender. Every year in the UK, 14 million tonnes of waste is sent to landfills and we go through a whopping five million tonnes of plastic. One room that is filled with disposable plastic is the bathroom, and with the volume of plastic packaging you …

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GoEco Recommends Sustainable Loo Roll

One of the defining images of 2020 was crowds of shoppers in supermarkets desperately stockpiling toilet paper. Thankfully now the empty shelves are behind us, we can stop worrying about it.  Or we could think about it more? Because how much do you know about where your loo roll comes from? As a product that is – …

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GoEco Recommends Earth-Kind Notebooks

In an ideal use we would all reduce our use of notebooks, but we are realistic enough to know that for now they play an important part in many people’s lives. Still, it is important to recognise the impact paper production is having on our planet; as a process that requires vast amounts of energy …

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