Green Homes Grant

For most households in the UK this grant will cover up to 66% of the installation of specified heating efficiency measures up to £5,000. For households on low income this can rise to 100% up to £10,000. The grant is given in the form of vouchers to be spent with qualifying suppliers and cover material, installation and VAT. Eligibility details and additional information can be found here.

The grant can be put towards primary measures, which includes insulation or low carbon heating (heat pump, solar, biomass), and subject to at least one of these primary measure being carried out, the balance can be put towards secondary measures that include door and window replacement, heating controls and hot water tank insulation. If used for secondary measures the grant will be deducted from any RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) that you claim.

It is important not to confuse this grant with the ECO (energy company obligation) grant. It is not possible to use both grants to fund the same measure, however, it is allowed for a household to benefit from both grants, for example one funding roof insulation and the other wall insulation. The ECO grant is administered by Ofgem and eligibility does not assure the supplier must deliver the measure.

In summary the grant can help with the upfront costs of making households more energy efficient (insulation) and/or help defray the upfront costs of moving to a lower carbon heating system. When used correctly in combination with the ECO grant and RHI it can result in creating a household with a much smaller carbon footprint and ongoing heating costs.

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