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Greywater Systems

When it comes to greywater systems, each system needs to be done on a case-by-case basis as each home will have different requirements. Before looking we recommend considering:

  • Where you want to use the greywater - only for irrigation or also for flushing toilets.

  • Whether you want a combined greywater and rainwater system.

  • Whether you will be retrofitting the system or incorporating it into a new build.

  • How much maintenance the system requires.

The following companies meet different needs depending on your home:

  • Omdi​ - centred around garden irrigation

  • Aquaco - uses greywater to flush toilets, recommended for new builds but can be retrofitted

  • Aquality - can be combined with rainwater and promotes a compact system which can easily fit into any building. 

  • Ecozi - can combine greywater and rainwater systems, as well as being used for irrigation or flushing toilets. Designed for 12 month maintenance intervals and use aeration pumps to help maintain water quality.

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