H2OSQD Personalised Water bottle


Why we love the product

Do you ever have to leave your reusable water bottle at home because it won't fit in your bag? This is why we love these water bottles! The flat shape makes them much easier to carry around with you so you are never caught without a reusable water bottle. You can also personalise the bottles with names, initials or even a specific breed of dog!

Why we love the company

With sustainability constantly on their mind, every component of the water bottles are 100% vegan. H2OSQD measure their carbon footprint taking all factors into account, even the energy used from customers putting their bottles in the dishwasher. They work hard to reduce these emissions: replacing synthetic materials with natural, renewable ones where they can; calculating the greenest delivery routes, even delivering orders within a 5 mile radius on bike! Finally, they offset their carbon footprint by planting trees in schools in South East England. We love the honesty of H2OSQD who clearly display their product's carbon footprint (1 bottle = 0.9kg CO2e) and they are constantly working to find ways to reduce this. 

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