Little by Little Apple Nine Pip Necklace, Gold


Why we love the product

This delicate necklace is the signature piece in Little by Little's Pip Collection, which centres the humble apple pip. The simplicity of the pips make the connection to nature perfectly subtle, whilst still looking beautiful and versatile enough to pair with any outfit. Being made of 24 carat gold on 925 Sterling Silver, this is a high quality necklace that will last.

Why we love the company

Not only do Little by Little want to create beautiful jewellery, they also want to make a positive impact through its production. This is why they are transparent about their supply chain. The collections are created in a Peruvian factory which has been running for 32 years and since its inception has aimed to bring opportunity and employment. The factory does this by giving jobs to people with no prior technical experience, training them in jewellery production.  The factory uses local Peruvian silver, some of which is recycled and the virgin metal used is supplied by companies with environmental certification. In 2021 Little by Little will strive for closed-loop production and find a 100% traceable source of Peruvian silver. All packaging is 100% recycled and made in the UK. Moreover, although their jewellery is built to last they offer a repair standard to avoid any waste.

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