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Lush Cosmetics Bath Set


Why we love the product

With loads of gifts under £15 this is a perfect idea to give as  a Secret Santa or a stocking filler! They have lots of different scents to choose from, including limited edition Christmas ones. This is an ideal gift to help someone you love relax with gorgeous bath bombs, soap and more.

Why we love the company

Lush have always been leaders in environmental policy, particularly when it comes to packaging. For over 10 years they've had a closed-loop recycling scheme: when you return five empty pots they reward you with a free face mask. These empty pots are then turned into new ones at their in-house recycling centre, the Green Hub. However, even better than this, from the start Lush has been selling many products without packaging. They pioneered solid shampoo bars and products often sit naked in their stores. Packaging they do use is often made from recycled materials or is reusable, for example they will wrap presents in cloth that can be repurposed. Beyond packaging, since 2010 they have committed to reducing their energy usage by 5% year-on-year and reduced their air freight to less than 5%. Moreover, they have put a ban on domestic flights in the UK and any flights they do take they pay £50 to a pot they label 'carbon tax', as they don't believe the government tax aviation enough. This money is mostly used to fund transport and climate change groups.

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