Aviation Bailouts

Updated: Mar 31

Stop Aviation Bailouts

The aviation industry has stalled to a halt due to the coronavirus and so airlines have been calling for public bailouts. Yet simultaneously, bosses have asked workers to go home without pay, despite the UK's furlough scheme. This comes after decades of airline bosses refusing to pay fair taxes - while increasing their carbon emissions faster than anyone else.

Possible is one of the 250 organisations around the world demanding that any bailouts:

  1. Ensure all aviation industry employees must receive at least the Real Living Wage for the duration of the crisis, and there must be a commitment to avoid lay-offs. Appropriate support must be provided for workers to transition to low-carbon industries. 

  2. Require airlines to adopt short-term emission reduction targets which are in line with the Paris Agreement. They must also explain how they will meet those targets, without relying on offsets or other measures which do not sufficiently reduce climate impacts.

  3. Prevent airlines from using bailout funds to line the pockets of shareholders. They must also begin paying a fair share of tax, including a Frequent Flyer Levy. The government should consider receiving a stake in the company in return for state assistance.

You can help this campaign by signing the petition and writing to your local MP.


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