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Sheep Inc. Medium Knit 


Why we love the product

Available in six different colours, this jumper is designed to be breathable on warmer days, and to be the perfect layer when it gets cooler. The ultra-fine New Zealand Merino wool spun into Italian Cashwool yarn gives it an unrivalled softness and the unisex design means it is a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.

Why we love the company

A fashion company that are carbon negative, what's not to love?! They mitigate 10 times their knitwear's carbon footprint. Not only this, the company strive for transparency in telling the entire story of their products. Each jumper has an NFC tag inspired by the tags used on farmer's flocks. Using your phone you can see the unique provenance of your knitwear and its environmental impact. Even better, you can track your sheep! Which brings us onto our next point, their knitwear quite litreally includes a sheep! To remind customers that all clothing starts somewhere, when you buy their knitwear you become an adoptee to one of their sheep in New Zealand, they even give you updates on how it's doing. 

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